The Sheik

Jahan Ostad

Jahan Ostad started cooking for himself after he put on the classic freshman twenty-plus pounds “from a strict diet of pizza, beer and more pizza” at Arizona State. “Immediately, he writes, “I began taking notes on how my father cooked his fantastic native version of Persian food.” Shortly thereafter, he began hosting dinner parties and wow his guests with emulations of his father’s cooking and of those from the southwestern restaurant, where he worked. As word of his cooking abilities and the size of his dinner parties grew, Ostad had to “find a way to make the same amount of food serve more people. And thus the fusion of Persian and Southwestern cuisine was forever forged inside the burrito.”

Sheik Burritos n Kabobs, a brick-and-mortar restaurant with the soul of a food truck, is upbeat, healthy, and tasty. The chic Sheik is still interested in rolling out a mobile unit as part of his three-tiered concept. “The concession trailer is the place where the dream becomes a reality. It is where the food and the fun engage and mingle with the common man on the street. It is what is missing in Atlanta and in many other untapped hungry markets. Within its 8×14-foot frame lies the prototype for success. We are not recreating the wheel here. Instead we are giving it new treads and tweaking what already has proven successful elsewhere.”

The Sheik’s groovy mission statement (“No longer will the kind people of the south struggle to find a decent meal at an indecent hour! No longer will fast-food be synonymous with unhealthy dog-food! No longer will gourmet food take hours of your time, max out your credit card, or require you to wear a shirt and tie!”) and fun graphics (check out his mural)  are part of the fun of following the fusion burrito trail.

A tip from us: the burritos made on Persian bread with Persian sauces and Mexican peppers are almost better the next day, when the bread has deflated and all the ingredients have melded into one juicy unit…

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