Vendor Gallery: Westside Creamery

Maggie from Westside Creamery

As a child, Maggie always wanted to visit an ice cream truck, but the colorful, singing Good Humor vans didn’t service the isolated farm she grew up on in rural south Georgia. Now, from her home on Atlanta’s Westside, she could “throw a rock and hit the local ice cream truck depot” but is less interested in prepackaged drumsticks and rocket pops than she once was.

Instead, she’s taken matters into her own hands, churning innovative, velvety ice creams and punchy sorbets for friends and family and, soon, for the rest of Atlanta and beyond. Maggie and partner Greg are “a civic-minded food-loving couple of local young professionals” who can’t wait to deliver their virtuous frozen delights to Atlanta’s streets and into its freezers. “World domination seems likely, ” they write, “with seasonal, inspired flavors like burnt orange caramel, roasted black grape with olive oil, and brown butter with–wait for it!–candied bacon.”

Variety, delicious as it is, is only part of what’s important to Maggie and Greg.  Each small batch of their hand-crafted ice cream is made “with loving care using fruits, vegetables, and herbs plucked from local farms, eggs borrowed from urban chickens, and milk generously provided by Georgia dairy cows.  All this, so that a dose of Westside Creamery’s luxurious frozen stuff–be it scooped into a cup, stuffed in a cone, or sandwiched between homemade cookies–satisfies not just your inner truck-chasing child, but your grown-up, earth-friendly locavore too.”

Look for Westside Creamery scooping at local farmer’s markets this summer and in stores near you soon.

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