Advice for All Aspiring Vendors

Interviewed for a street food profile posted on Serious Eats, the owners of Mom’s Delicious Dishes food truck in Raleigh, NC, had the following words of wisdom:

“Find a good compatible partner! You don’t necessarily have the same skills, but you must have the same goals and drive. It’s like a marriage but worse. You spend lots of time together in a very small space and it’s usually hot. . . . Spend some time on a food truck that’s similar in style to what you hope to create. Create a business plan and add 20 percent more for expenses than expected. Prepare to devote your entire life to a new business for at least one year until you can figure out your trends and establish some benchmarks.”

Thao Beck and Ardath Church update their whereabouts daily on Facebook, Twitter, and their website. They started their business (salads, sandwiches, fish tacos, fresh doughnuts) because they thought that “it would contribute a vibrant new addition to the already interesting food scene” going on in Raleigh. Neither of them has “any desire for a permanent location as the mobility is part of the appeal” of what they offer.

[images from Mom's Delicious Dishes]

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